Solo exhibition at the American University Art Museum, Washington DC

'brightveridiansentinelevents' examined the relationship between sustainability, aesthetics and free time. This included sculptural works that distill these relationships to material essences, utilizing the utopic building material Hemcrete and home tanning bed lamps, as well as relics from my White Turf Painting Actions series.

Other works emphasized object and visually driven associations with this content-from the green screen paint used by television meteorologists to shellfish shells collected from a trendy restaurant’s waste stream.

And the included outdoor sculptures utilized technological materials and forms to explore the role of the visual in individuals’ relationships to the sun and renewable energies.

133006-mussels two ways (muscles two ways); Mussel shells separated from waste stream of Marvin Restaurant (Washington DC), EZ Curl Barbell, Tricep Rope Cable Attachment; 36” by 24” by 10” 

Installation view of green screen performance and lecture area 

Installation view 

Installation view 

133008-tanning bulbs; Pro Bronzer 5% UVB Tanning Lamps, Lamp Ends, Wiring, Tanning Bed Ballasts; 10ft by 30ft 

Installation view 

131504-hemcrete with rackets and bat Hemcrete interior cast of reusable shopping bag, Studio mate’s High School Tennis Racket, Badminton Racket, Pabst Blue Ribbon Wiffle Bat 


131206-white turf painting action rosslyn Artifacts from White Turf Painting Action-Rosslyn public performance, Reclaimed Wood, Organic Linseed Oil Paint, Plexiglas 36” by 60” by 10”  

Installation View 

131508-wind turbine shadows; Stop motion video animation, Eddie Ruscha musical recording, Turntable slowed to 12 RPM (to match average speed of wind turbine), Salvaged Wood 

1300209-throwing aloe vera golf balls at a steel drum; Chroma keyed video footage, Stock video clip; 15 minute run time 

Sculpture Garden Installation View 

Foreground: 132808-solar powered sculpture; Solar Panels, Deep Cycle Batteries, Solar Components, Wiring, Grizzly Air Cleaner, Steel, Enamel (Air Cleaner runs for one hour total per day); 13 ft by 30” by 30” 

Sculpture Garden Installation View 

Foreground: 132008-solar powered sculpture; Photocatalytic Paint, Glow in the Dark Paint, Passive Solar Tracker, Plywood, Steel, Enamel; 10 ft by 6 ft by 6 ft 

Sculpture Garden Installation View